Mr. Haybank Meet....  

Prerequisite: Sharing the Load
Start Zone: Bree-land
Start Area: Buckland
Start Location: Buckland Gate
Start Mob: Trumric Ragwort
Cash Granted: 86c
Exp Granted: 480
Quest Level: 16
Min Level: 11
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Locations with maps: Bree-land
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    Adso Haybank
    Trumric Ragwort
    Adso's Camp


'You have done so much, I think that it is time to meet the hobbit yu have been helping, Adso Haybank. You will find that he is a caring fellow with much on his mind.

'His camp is difficult to miss as the work is happening right along the roadside. You will travel east along the Great East Road for some distance, about halfway to Bree, before you arrive.

'When you get there, you should be welcomed. Thank you again, Name.'


Trumric Ragwort has given you directions to go and meet Adso Haybank himself. He deems it only fitting for all the work you have done.


Objective 1

  • Talk to Adso Haybank at Adso's Camp
  • Adso Haybank is at his Camp, about half the distance between Bree and the Buckland Gate, eastward along the Great East Road.

    Trumric Ragwort sent you on to meet Adso Haybank.