Volume II, Epilogue: Gorothul of Dol Guldur  

Prerequisite: Volume II, Epilogue: Zigilburk Returned
Series Name: Epic - Vol. II. Book 9: Fortress of the Nazgul
Start Zone: Zelem-melek
Start Area: The Twenty-first Hall
Start Location: The Chamber of Leadership
Start Mob: Bori (Leadership)
Flags: Epic, Fellowship
Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 45s 36c
Quest Level: 65
Min Level: 65
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Locations with maps: Mirkwood | Zelem-melek
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    Bori (Leadership)
    The Twenty-first Hall


'Zigilburk now rests in the depths with Oin its keeper, but the cause of our hurt remains. Gorothul, sorcerer of Dol Guldur, still lives, and so long as he does he endangers the peace of Moria and Lothlorien.

'Gather a fellowship of allies and set forth for Sammath Gul, his chambers in the fortress of DOl Guldur. Slay Gorthul and end his menace, Name! We will not be free of this threat until the sorcerer is defeated.'


The sorcerer Gorothul still reigns from Sammath Gul, his chambers in the depths of Dol Guldur.


Objective 1

  • Defeat Gorothul in Sammath Gul

    Gorothul can be found in Sammath Gul, his chambers within the fortress of Dol Guldur.

    Bori has asked you to gather a fellowship of allies and to defeat the sorcerer Gorothul in his chambers in Dol Guldur.