Determining Their Strength  

Leads To: Burning Bolg Maufulug
Leads To: Burning Drumaudhul
Leads To: Burning Mokurz Gundul
Leads To: Burning Nardur-stazg
Leads To: Looting Bolg Maufulug
Leads To: Looting Drumaudhul
Leads To: Looting Mokurz Gundul
Leads To: Looting Nardur-stazg
Leads To: Razing Bolg Maufulug
Leads To: Razing Drumaudhul
Leads To: Razing Mokurz Gundul
Includes Quest: Determining Their Strength -- Northern Camps
Includes Quest: Determining Their Strength -- Southern Camps
Start Zone: Lothlorien
Start Area: Eryn Laer
Start Location: Talan Fanuidhol
Start Mob: Bahanneth
Items Rewarded:Reputation Increased: 700 Malledhrim
Cash Granted: 28s 35c
Exp Granted: 6955
Item Exp Granted: 5602
Quest Level: 60
Min Level: 56
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Locations with maps: Lothlorien
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    Talan Gwilith


'Name, I have an urgent request of you. As you undoubtedly know already, the Orcs of Moria have been roused and have poured forth into the hills of Fanuidhol. There, they are mustering for an assault upon Lothlorien.

'In order to properly prepare for such an assault, we need to know the strength of the Enemy. There are countless Orcs dwelling in the bowels of Moria, and we must know how many have been sent against us.

'Will you speak with my companions Maenhador and with Raingon, who is preparing a defence at Talan Gwilith, south-east of here? They are each concerned with specific encampments. When you have finished with their task, return here to me.'


The Orcs of Moria have poured out into Fanuidhol, mustering for an assault upon the Golden Wood.


Objective 1

  • Aid Maenhador
  • Aid Raingon
  • Maenhador is at Talan Fanuidhol. Raingon is at Talan Gwilith, north-east of Talan Fanuidhol.

    Bahanneth has asked you to aid Maenhador and Raingon with their scouting duties.

    Objective 2
    Talk to Bahanneth at Talan Fanuidhol

    Bahanneth is at Talan Fanuidhol. south of Fanuidhol.

    You should return to Bahanneth with your report.


    You must complete this quest, along with these two quests, before you can do the other quests.
    Determining Their Strength -- Northern Camps
    Determining Their Strength -- Southern Camps