Consignment: Ancient Lore  

Locations with maps: Ered Luin
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    Researcher Mallennor
    Researched Ancient Lore


The Elves of Duillond have long kept detail accounts of the history of Middle-earth. Some are willing to share that knowledge with others.


You have asked for the Elves' assistance in collecting ancient lore for your studies.


Objective 1
Deliver the work order to Archivist Arodel

Archivist Arodel dwells within the Duillond in Ered Luin.

You completed the work order purchased from Archivist Arodel and should deliver it to her at once.

Objective 2
Wait forty hours before returning to Researcher Mallennor in Duillond

Researcher Mallennor is at Duillond in Ered Luin.

Archivist Arodel told you to speak with Researcher Mallennor in forty hours to pick up your delivery.

Objective 3
Speak with Researcher Mallennor

Researcher Mallennor is at Duillond in Ered Luin.

You have waited forty hours for the Elves of Duillond to research the arcane lore you requested. Your order should now be complete. You should seek out Researcher Mallennor at Duillond.


You buy the Work Order: Ancient Lore from Archivist Arodel, then click on it in inventory to start the quest, and then speak to Archivist Arodel again to start the quest.

It has a timer, before you can talk to Researcher Mallennor to get the key, when the timer is up you speak to Researcher Mallennor to get the key, when the key is in inventory, you click on the Researched Ancient Lore to get the resources.

You do not get the same lore every time, it is random what you get.

Karistol's Example 1:
2 Long-lost Second Age Texts
3 Cracked Dwarf-carvings
2 Faded Sindarin Passages
3 Relics of Lothlorien
1 Torn Craftsman's Diary

Karistol's Example 2:
1 Worn Elf-carving
3 Relics of Lothlorien
2 Fragments of Dunedain Script
1 Undeciphered Moon-letters
2 Long-lost Second Age Texts
2 Faded Sindarin Passages
1 Torn Craftsman's Diary