Bounty: Goblin-scabbards  

Locations with maps: Lone-Lands
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    Gadaric Munce
    White Hand Guard
    White Hand Spear-thrower
    White Hand Thrasher
    Minas Eriol
    The Weather Hills


'My charge is clear: revisit a measured vengeance upon the goblins. Still, I feel this is not enough.

'The goblins are responsible for the deaths of many. I want to revisit upon them what they wrought upon us. I will pay you in trade and recognition among my people if you are willing to assist me in this endeavour.

'Any goblin from the north-east of this encampment to the depths of Minas Eriol will suffice as many will carry the proof that i desire: scabbards, leather scabbards used to house their murderous daggers. Seek out the goblins in those places and claim their scabbards. Return them to me and I will see that you receive a fitting reward.'


Gadaric Munce has asked for vengeance to be meted to the goblins now infesting Minas Eriol. They are responsible for the deaths of many of Gadaric's people, and he offered rewards for their destruction.


Objective 1
Collect goblin-scabbards (0/10)
Goblins can be found north-east in the shadow of Weathertop or in the ruins of Minas Eriol, south-east of the Forsaken Inn.

Gadaric Munce wants to collect the bounty on the scabbards carries by goblins in the Lone-lands.

Objective 2
Bring goblin-scabbards to Gadaric Munce


NOTE: Bounty quests are repeatable quests, but have a finite number of completions. This quest can be completed three times.