A Critical Strike  

Prerequisite: Greater Responsibility
Series Name: Vol. 1, Prologue - Bree-land Epic Prologue
Leads To: The Hideout
Start Zone: Bree-land
Start Area: Combe
Start Location: Ellie Cutleaf's House
Start Mob: Ellie Cutleaf
Flags: Epic, Fellowship
Items Needed:Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 1s 60c
Quest Level: 11
Min Level: 6
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Locations with maps: Bree-land
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    Ellie Cutleaf
    Jagger Jack
    Blackwold Headquarters
    Slaughtered Sheep


'If I'm to help ye, then ye've got to trust me. We need to deal with the wolves and their keeper, Jagger Jack. Jack spends his time talking to those strange, dark-skinned Men within the ruins occupied by the Blackwolds.

'Find him and kill him, else he'll keep breeding his wolves with the Warg. While ye search for Jack at the camp, look for corpses o' dead beasts: sheep, cattle, even deer. It's likely the poor creatures are the food for the wolves. Use the poison on the corpses, and we may well kill off a good number of Jack's beasts.

'While you deal with Jack and the wolves, I'll talk to Skunkwood and others about a "new recruit" I've found. I might be able to get you into Skunkwood's hideout.


Ellie believes that you can score a telling blow against the Blackwolds and their masters in the northern Chetwood. Armed with a poison provided by Leecher Cartwell, she sends you to the Blackwold camp in the Chetwood to deal with their wolf-keeper, Jagger Jack, and the fell offspring of the Warg.


Objective 1
Defeat Jagger Jack
Poison Six Wolf Food Sources (0/6)

Jagger Jack and the animal corpses will be in the Blackwold ruins in the north Chetwood, north of the guard-house, east of Combe.

Ellie told you to find Jagger Jack and poison the wolves' food source, while she tries to arrange a meeting with Skunkwood, the Blackwolds' leader, for you.

Objective 2
Speak with Ellie Cutleaf in Combe

Ellie Cutleaf's house is in the north-west corner of Combe, on the banks of the pond.

You should return to Ellie Cutleaf with word of your victory against Jagger Jack and to learn if she has arranged a meeting with Skunkwood at the Blackwold hideout.