Skirmishes -- Reporting In  

Leads To: Skirmishes -- Orders of War
Start Zone: Middle-earth
Start Area: Global
Started By Item:Flags: Skirmish
Quest Level: 20
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Locations with maps: The Shire | Lone-Lands | Angmar | North Downs | Rivendell | Thorin's Gate | Bree-town | Evendim | Forochel | Eregion | Lothlorien | Zelem-melek | Middle-earth
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Name, make haste, as we do not have any time to squander. Skirmish Camps may be found in all regions of Middle-earth, from the Ered-luin to Moria. Travel quickly to the closest Skirmish Camp to you and report in. More instructions will follow.



War is coming to Middle-earth. You have been asked to report to one of the newly-established Skirmish Camps to help stem the tide.


Objective 1
Talk to a Skirmish Captain within a Skirmish Camp
Skirmish camps are at Bree's South-gate, Thorin's Hall, Esteldin, Nimrodel, the Twenty-first Hall, Ost Guruth, Rivendell, Brockenborings, Tinnudir, Suri Kyla, Aughaire, and Gwingris.

You have been instructed to report to the Captain of a Skirmish Camp. Skirmish Camps may be found within every region of Middle-earth.


This quest is started with an item, you receive in e-mail, the Skirmish Enlistment Request.

This quest can be completed by speaking to any of the Skirmish Captain's

Completing this quest also grants you the title:
Skirmish Recruit