The Wrath of the Elves  

Prerequisite: Avorthal's Favourite Haunts
Series Name: Vol. 1, Prologue - Ered Luin Epic Prologue (Elf Path)
Leads To: The Master of the Refuge
Start Zone: Ered Luin
Start Area: Celondim
Start Mob: Cardavor
Flags: Epic
Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 90c
Exp Granted: 395
Quest Level: 7
Min Level: 4
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Locations with maps: Ered Luin
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    Blue-crag Defiler
    Blue-crag Sentinel
    Limael's Vineyard


'The goblins have slain my son, (player), and for that, we will sweep them from Ered Luin! No goblin will take as much as three steps into these lands before we are there to greet him with swordblade or arrowhead!

Go forth and slay goblins wherever you find them and cry aloud the name of Avorthal. I would have the foul creatures know whose doom has come upon them!

While you were gone, word came to me that Limael's Vineyard has been defiled by goblins led by a vile creature call Pampraush. Seek out Pampraush and his minions and slay them in the name of Avorthal! Limael's Vineyard lies west of Celondim.'


From all appearances, goblins waylaid Avorthal in the ruins to the west of Duillond, leaving no trace of him but his satchel.


Objective 1
Defeat goblins (0/6)
Defeat Pampraush

Pampraush and his minions are in Limael's Vineyard, west of Celondim.

The apparent death of Avorthal has enraged Cardavor against the goblins. He has asked you to seek out a band of goblins led by a creature named Pampraush and slay them all in Avorthal's name.

Objective 2
Talk to Cardavor


He spawns in front of the building to the north end of the Vineyard.