Fled to the South  

Series Name: Bree-land
Start Zone: Northern Barrow-downs
Start Area: Northern Barrow-downs
Start Mob: Sal Haywood
Flags: Solo
Reputation Increased: 300 Men of Bree
Cash Granted: 1s 50c
Exp Granted: 577
Quest Level: 19
Min Level: 16
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Locations with maps: Southern Barrow-downs | Northern Barrow-downs
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    Bob Redthistle
    Edith Sweetrose
    Sal Haywood
    Northern Barrow-downs
    The Dead Man's Perch


'Our forces wer split when we entered the Barrow-downs and were set upon by wights, barghests, and all other manner of fell creatures here. Some followed myself, while others headed south.

'There is a place where the hill rises high ad separates the southern Barrow-downs. It is called Dead Man's Perch, and I pray that the named does not hold true.

'It overlooks southern Bree and is flat area that we have oft camped at, if necessary. I pray you find the others there.'


Guides out of Bree-town hope that their allies and more of the folk who paid them to investigate the Barrow-downs survived and made it to a safe location in the south Barrow-downs.


Objective 1
Search Dead Man's Perch for the other guides

Dead Man's Perch lies between the northern and southern Barrow-downs.

Sal Haywood asked you to search the Dead Man's Perch for the other guides of Bree.


Speak to either Bob Redthistle or Edith Sweetrose to complete this quest.