Niels' Bounty: Dhit the Troll  

Series Name: Niels' Bounties
Start Zone: North Downs
Start Area: Kingsfell
Start Location: Esteldin
Start Mob: Niels
Flags: Small Fellowship, Repeatable
Items Needed:Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 56s 70c
Item Exp Granted: 13915
Quest Level: 60
Min Level: 56
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Locations with maps: Trollshaws | North Downs
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'Hey there Name. If you've got a few stalwart friends who are willing to stand by your side, I've got a job for ye.

'Dhit's the name. Troll. Big, nasty one by all accounts that's been waylaying travellers on the road towards Rivendell in the Trollshaws.

'Both the Elves and the Rangers would like nothing more than to hear that Dhit has come to an unfortunate end!

'Only news I have is that he usually lurks in the forests of the trollshaws, somewhere north of the road, near some statues or the like? I heard that third hand, and it didn't make much sence to me, but I hope it helps.'


A particularly brutal and cunning troll named Dhit has been waylaying travelers in the Trollshaws as they attempt to reach Rivendell.

Niels the dwarf has offered you a considerable sum if you can bring him proof that Dhit has been slain.


Objective 1
Slay Dhit the Troll

Seek out Dhit amongst the Western Trollshaws in the vicinity of the Stone Troll Glade, and claim his club as proof of his death.

Objective 2
Bring Dhit's Club to Niels in Esteldin

Bring Dhit's Club to Niels in Esteldin as proof of its death.


When you get near Dhits Location: at 31.2S, 18.1W.
You will receive the message:
The ground trembles as crushing footsteps approach through the forest...
At this point Dhit will appear before you.

Bring at least a partner or two this NPC is an Elite Master Troll with knockback attacks, and 40k Morale.