Keg-hopping Race: Off to the Races  

Series Name: Festival, Summer
Happens during Event: Summer Festival
Leads To: Keg-hopping Race: Kolmar's Credulity
Leads To: Keg-hopping Race: Leg It, Lar
Leads To: Keg-hopping Race: Otto the Outstanding
Leads To: Keg-hopping Race: Signar's Swift Step
Start Zone: Thorin's Gate
Start Area: Thorin's Gate
Start Location: The Keg-race of Thorin's Hall
Start Mob: Jorfi
Flags: Repeatable, Solo
Items Rewarded:Quest Level: 1
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Locations with maps: Thorin's Gate | Thorin's Gate
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    The Keg-race of Thorin's Hall


'Good day to you, Name! Here for the festival, are you? Well, as you may know, our main event is the Keg-hopping Race!

'This contest shall pit four drunken sots...that is to say, fine and upstanding dwarves in a fight to the finish!

'The finish line is that is...we don't let those fellows anywhere near axes or other sharp implements until they've had a chance to sleep it off. Let me know if you are interested in tickets.'


Jorfi is offering a pair of free tickets to the Summer Festival Keg-hopping Race, which is being held regularly outside of Thorin's Hall.


Objective 1
Talk to Jorfi in Thorin's Hall
Speak with Jorfi to recieve two free tickets to the Keg-hopping Races.