Bult-kar: Out on a Limb  

Series Name: Moria Central Halls
Included in Quest: Bult-kar: Cut at the Root
Start Zone: Zelem-melek
Start Area: Zelem-melek
Start Location: Mezer-serej
Start Mob: Burkni
Flags: Repeatable, Solo
Items Rewarded:Reputation Increased: 900 Iron Garrison Guards
Cash Granted: 27s 65c
Item Exp Granted: 4492
Quest Level: 58
Min Level: 53
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Locations with maps: Zelem-melek
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    Deep-claw Burrower
    Deep-claw Digger
    Orc Cleaver
    Orc Hewer
    Orc Overseer


'Hello, friend. We of the Iron Garrison have begun the work of reclaiming Moria from the foul creatures that now reside here.

'My task is to retake the warehouse Bult-kar from the creatures that reside within. Alas, their great numbers makes it difficult to claim this storehouse on my own. Perhaps you can help me with this task.'


The Iron Garrison is striving to reclaim the long forgotten storehouses of Moria. Tasked by his superiors, Burkni is attempting he drive the intruders out of Bult-kar. With his previous attempts to do so being unsuccessful, Burkni has turned to other adventures within Moria to aid him in his task.


Objective 1
Defeat intruders in Bult-kar (0/20)
The entrance to Bult-kar lies within Mezer-serej.

Burkni has asked you to assist him in clearing Bult-lar of the intruders within.

Objective 2
Talk to Burkni at Mezer-serej
Burkni can be found at Mezer-serej in the eastern halls of Zelem-melek.

You should return to Burkni to receive a reward for your efforts.


This quest can only be aquired when you are doing the quest:
Bult-kar: Cut at the Root

Also note, that all mobs inside these instances are random...
You could have a dungeon full of Orcs, or Goblins, or Cave-claws, or Gredbyg.