Hinder the Orc-schemes  

Prerequisite: Cruel Weapons of Moria
Leads To: Aiding the Elves II
Start Zone: Lothlorien
Start Area: Nimrodel
Start Location: Talan Haldir
Start Mob: Maethoron
Reputation Increased: 1200 Galadhrim
Cash Granted: 28s 35c
Exp Granted: 6955
Item Exp Granted: 9277
Quest Level: 60
Min Level: 56
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Locations with maps: Lothlorien
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    Orc Waylayer


'The Orcs are becoming more bold, Name, and their waylayers have made travel along the road through Nanduhirion very dangerous for the unwary traveller.

'If you are a friend to the Elves of Lorien and share our concerns, you will do something about these Orcs in particular. Travel north-west into Nanduhirion and defeat the Orc waylayers where you find them: along the road and near the outskirts of their camps in there area. The road into the Golden Wood must be made safe.'


Maethoron is worried about the growing number of Orc-waylayers on the road that runs through Nanduhirion toward Lothlorien.


Objective 1
Defeat Orc waylayers in Nanduhirion (0/4)
Orc waylayers can be found all along the road that runs through Nanduhirion, north-west of Talan Haldir.

Mathoron has asked you to waylayer the waylayers in Nanduhirion so that the road may be made safe.

Objective 2
Talk to Mathoron
Mathoron is on Talan Haldir, located on the banks of Minrodel, south-east of Nanduhirion.