The Cloven Track (Easy)  

Series Name: Festival, Spring
Happens during Event: Spring Festival
Leads To: A Speedy Errand
Start Zone: Bree-land
Start Area: The Horsefields
Start Mob: Gil Plover
Quest Time: 15m
Repeat Time: 1d
Items Rewarded:Quest Level: 1
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Locations with maps: Bree-land
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    Gil Plover
    The Hedge Maze
    The Horsefields


'Hello, friend! Is it not a find srping day? This is just the sort of weather that makes a festival so pleasent, with the gentle breezes and the bright new greens Are you looking at the maze yonder? That is just what I was thinking of too. It is a fine day indeed to be lost in the foliage!

'So you wish to try your luck at picking a path? I went just the other day, in record time. I achieved. In fact, I'd be willing to wager a fair prize on that very challenge.

'Givr a shout if you get lost and need me to come looking! I'll not think less of you -- some people get quite lost in such a confusion of ways. But do not walk so quick that you forget to savour the sweet smells of green growing things, for you'l not find them any other time of vear.'


Gil Plover, the Maze-master of Bree, has challenged you to get through the maze before the time runs out. You mustn't tarry long within the hedge-walls!


Objective 1
Enter the maze

The entrance to the hedge maze is near the festival grounds in the Horse-fields, a distance to the north of Bree-town.

Gil Plover has challenged you to get through the maze, from start to finnish, before the time runs out. The time he has allotted is thrice the amount of time of his record run.

Objective 2
Find your way out before the time expires

The exit to the hedge-maze is around here somewhere...or is it?

You should try to find your way out of the maze befoe the time runs out. Gil Plover got out in no time at all compared to the amount you've been given.

Objective 3
Talk to Gil Plover outsie the maze in the Horse-fields

Gil Plover is standing near the hedge maze, which is very near the festival grounds of Bree-land, north of Bree-town.

You should speak to Gil Plover, for you can prove that you were able to best his challenge that you would not get through the maze is admirable time.

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