A Benefical Poison  

Prerequisite: Eaters of the Dead
Series Name: Skumfil
Start Zone: Foundations of Stone
Start Area: Foundations of Stone
Start Location: The Shadowed Refuge
Start Mob: Lar
Cash Granted: 45s 36c
Exp Granted: 9217
Item Exp Granted: 9277
Quest Level: 60
Min Level: 56
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Locations with maps: Foundations of Stone
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'These gredbyg are an annoyance, plain and simple. There is naught in particular I find acceptable with these insects. The best way to deal with them is to rid Khazad-dûm of them completely, I say.

'So that is what I want done. Go to Skûmfil and kill the gredbyg there. There are many of the things, and each and every one of them needs to be destroyed.

'It may seem a bit brash, perhaps, but insects should never grow this large. Skûmfil can be found south-east of the Shadowed Refuge.'


Skumfil is nothing more than a dumping ground, a place where the fallen Orcs of Moria are discarded when they begin to reek. It is here that two foes have gathered, each intent on using the corpses found therein for their own purposes. The kergrim and other ravengers as a source of food, and the insects as a place to lay their eggs to spawn future generations.


Objective 1
Defeat grodbog-warriors (0/10)
Defeat grodbog hive-defenders (0/6)
Defeat blind drones (0/4)
Skimfil lies to the south-east of the Shadowed Refuge.

Lar wants to see the gredbyg within the depths of Skumfil defeated. The insects are trying to breed in the bodies dumped by the Orcs within Skumfil, and if left unchecked, they could breed too quickly to control. Lar also wonders if they might be the source of the plague affecting the Orcs.