The Path of Healing Hands  

Leads To: A Cry of Vengeance
Required Class: Captain
Start Zone: Zelem-melek
Start Area: Zelem-melek
Start Location: The Twenty-first Hall
Start Mob: Mordathest
Flags: Class
Cash Granted: 27s 65c
Quest Level: 58
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Locations with maps: The Flaming Deeps | Zelem-melek
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'Captain Name, your presence has been requested by Captain Garnyd. You will benefit greatly from her guidance.

'She has accompanied a force of dwarves from the Iron Hills and is stationed in the Flaming Deeps of Moria. You should head there immediately and lend your aid to her cause.'


Captain Garnyd has summoned you into her presence.


Objective 1
Talk to Captain Garnyd

Garnyd is in the Flaming Deeps of Moria.

You have been instructed to seek out Captain Garnyd.