The Path to Learning, Part II  

Prerequisite: The Path to Learning, Part I
Leads To: The Path to Learning, Part III
Start Zone: Middle-earth
Start Area: Global
Start Mob: Novice Scholar
Start NPC Type: Novice Scholar
Flags: Crafting, Fellowship
Items Needed:Items Rewarded:Exp Granted: 1442
Quest Level: 20
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Locations with maps: Ered Luin | North Downs | Middle-earth
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'You have learned a great deal since last you saw her, but I feel the time has come again for you to speak with Nathronwen, Delmaric. She can perhaps guide the course of your studies. 'Look for her at Duillond, the Refuge in Ered Luin.'


The path to mastery of the scholarly art is a long one, but every discovery brings you greater insight.


Objective 1
Talk to Nathronwen

'I allowed Henglas the use of these stanzas in the hope he would compose a ballad of great beauty, but he repaid my trust with carelessness. While he walked the plains of Northern Annundir in the North Downs, he came upon a great pack of wargs and fled when they discovered his presence. In his haste, he let his satchel fall alongside one of the great mounds of that place and the stanzas I entrusted to him were lost.'

Objective 2
Collect Lost Stanzas of Aiglos
Collect Ruined Second Age Trinket
Collect Cryptic Text (0/3)

Objective 3
Craft a Ballad of Aiglos

Objective 4
Bring the Ballad of Aiglos to Nathronwen


As of the patch on June 12, 2007, the materials have changed.

Changed the ingredients used in two Scholar quest recipes, "Ballad of Aiglos" and "Chant of the Stalwart." They should now be using ingredients appropriate to the difficulty of the recipe.

Additional Trait Reward:

Craft Scholar Complete Proficiency Tier 2

The Satchel containing the Lost Stanzas of Aiglos is in the North Downs directly to the SW of the in-game map marker for Haudh Eglan (the marker is at 7.6s, 49.5w).

Haudh Eglan is a hilltop in the clearing in NE Annundir. You will see several small hills and a large one in the middle, they all have vertical rock pillars leading in ordered lines up the slopes.

The pack itself is a small dark brown satchel, slightly askew on the ground (easily mistaken for a stone or branch). If you can see the map-marker for Haudh Eglan on your min-map, you are close to the satchel.