Worth Dying For  

Series Name: In His Memory
Leads To: Finna's Locket
Start Zone: The Silvertine Lodes
Start Area: The Silvertine Lodes
Start NPC Type: Object
Started By Object:Flags: Solo
Cash Granted: 26s 95c
Exp Granted: 8686
Item Exp Granted: 6545
Quest Level: 56
Min Level: 52
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Locations with maps: Redhorn Lodes | The Silvertine Lodes
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    The Deep Descent


Clutched in the dwarf's cold, rigid hands is a beautifully hand-carved locket. After fiddling with it for a little while, its puzzle revelas itself, and it swivels open to show two tiny engravings: two beared dwarve faces.


What was so special about this locket that to make it worth dying for?


Objective 1
Ask someone at the Deep Descent about this locket

Find someone at the Deep Descent who knows about this locket.

Objective 2
Find someone at the Orc-watch who reconizes the locket.
The Orc-watch can be reached by going north from the Deep Descent, then east from the Dolven-view, and then south-east.

There are many dwarves at the Orc-watch. Perhaps one of them knows why the recently deceased Nykr valued this little hand-made locket so highly.