Book 3. Chapter 6: Planning the Wisest Attack  

Series Name: Volume II, Book 3: The Lord of Moria
Included in Quest: Book 3. Chapter 6: Honour Enough for Both
Start Zone: Zelem-melek
Start Area: The Twenty-first Hall
Start Location: The Chamber of Leadership
Start Mob: Bori (Leadership)
Items Needed:Cash Granted: 26s 25c
Exp Granted: 4874
Quest Level: 54
Min Level: 50
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Locations with maps: Nud-melek | Redhorn Lodes | Zelem-melek
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    Bori (Leadership)
    The Twenty-first Hall


'One team of dwarves will lead a diversionary strike on an outpost on the Eastern Road in order to draw out the main body of White Hand orcs out of their camp, Stazgnakh. At that time, a second group will stealthily enter Stazgnakh and defeat the White Hand leader.

'I need information about these locations, Name: examine the strength of the force along the Eastern Road and become familiar with its layout of Stazgnakh. I want you to collect barrels of black powder from within Stazgnakh, and return them to me; we must deprive them of this dangerous weapon wherever we can! Investigate these locations and retrun to me with any information you discover.

'My father is always telling me that information is among a dwarf's mightiest weapon. How we wield the information you bring back will determine the success of my plan!'


Bori's plan calls for a diversionary stike on the Eastern Road to draw the main force of the White Hand orcs out of Stazgnakh so another group of dwarves can elminate the leader.


Objective 1
Find guarded junction on Eastern Road
Collect Barrels of Black Powder (0/8)

The guarded juction on the Eastern Road is in Nud-melek, and the White Hand encampment of Stazgnakh is located among the Redhorn Lodes.

Bori has asked you to investigate the guarded juction along the Eastern Road, and to collect barrels of black powder from the Whire Hand encampment of Stazgnakh so you will become familiar with it.

Objective 2
Talk to Bori

Bori is in the Chamber of Leadership, off the Twenty-first Hall in Zelem-melek.

You have assessed the strength of the force at the guarded junction along the Eastern Road and found two entrances into Stazgnakh, the White Hand encampment among the Redhorn Lodes.


The Eastern Road is in Nud-melek, what your looking for is The Deep Crossroad at Location: 6.3S, 101.1W, once you get to this location, the quest will update.

The Barrel of Black Powder are found in the Redhorn Lodes, at these locations:
11.0S, 105.9W
10.9S, 105.9W
12.2S, 106.1W
12.4S, 106.2W
12.0S, 106.2W
11.8S, 106.3W
11.2S, 105.5W
12.0S, 104.8W