Prerequisite: Armour of the Deeps
Series Name: Sky Fall
Leads To: Following the Winding Road
Start Zone: The Silvertine Lodes
Start Area: The Silvertine Lodes
Start Mob: Stiling
Flags: Solo
Items Rewarded:Reputation Increased: 700 Iron Garrison Miners
Cash Granted: 25s 55c
Exp Granted: 5635
Item Exp Granted: 3676
Quest Level: 52
Min Level: 47
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Locations with maps: The Silvertine Lodes
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    Gamil Filik
    The Deep Descent
    Dark Passage
    Dwarf-made Dead-fall


'I explored this secret passage while you were distracting the goblins inside Gamil Filik, and I am quite pleased to report that it is safe. It brings us to a tunnel right near Pukhlor, who looks to be a terrifying foe, the likes of whom I had not anticipated.

'But there is good news: I thought I espied a loose bit of rock that would make a good trap for Pukhlor's downfall. If you sneak behind through this hidden passage, I think you will be able to get through and crush that villian by luring him to the trap.'


Stiling pointed out an ancient dead-fall in the mines, constructed by the Dwarves of Moria long ago, and suggested that it might be used to the advantage of the dwarves.


Objective 1
Use the hidden passage near Stiling
The hidden passage is just near Stiling in the hall near Gamil Filik.

You should enter the hidden passage to sneak behind the goblin camp.

Objective 2
Arm the trap and lure Pukhlor into it

The dead-fall lies near the goblin-camp at Gamil Filik, south-east of the Deep Descent camp.

Stiling has asked you to find the dead-fall trap and arm it, then lure Pukhlor to his death beneath the rocks.

Objective 3
Return to Stiling (you may use the hidden passage)

Stiling is at his spot utside of Gamil Filik.

You should return to Stiling and let him know of Pukhlor's defeat.

Objective 4
Talk to Thettmarr at the Deep Descent

Thettmarr is in the Deep Descent camp, north of Gamil Filik.

You should return to Thettmarr and tell him of what you saw in the goblin-camp.