Creatures of the Dark  

Prerequisite: More Mirrors?
Leads To: Crystals and Moonlight
Start Zone: The Silvertine Lodes
Start Area: The Silvertine Lodes
Start Location: The Deep Descent
Start Mob: Thettmarr
Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 25s 55c
Exp Granted: 4598
Item Exp Granted: 5514
Quest Level: 52
Min Level: 48
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Locations with maps: The Silvertine Lodes
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    Grodbog Hive-defender
    Grodbog Hive-queen
    Grodbog Worker


Objective 1
Find the area in which Thettmarr was working

Objective 2
Defeat grodbog (0/12)

Objective 3
Talk to Thettmarr at the Deep Descent


On the left hand path coming from the Great Delving on the Silvertine Lodes Map, is where you will find these creatures, at LOC: 9.5S, 113.2W .