Evil's Final Chapter  

Prerequisite: Forging Anew
Series Name: An Ancient Story of Evil
Start Zone: Southern Barrow-downs
Start Area: Southern Barrow-downs
Start Mob: Naerandir
Flags: Fellowship
Items Rewarded:Reputation Increased: 1200 Men of Bree
Cash Granted: 20s
Quest Level: 24
Min Level: 19
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Locations with maps: Southern Barrow-downs
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    Southern Barrow-downs
    The Great Barrow


'I promised you a story, and your part is almost done. I have one final task for you, however.

'The Wight-lord himself must be met and dealt with. In times past, he was a great menace to Bree-land. We cannot let this happen again. Please put an end to his new reign.

'you wil find him at the furthest end of the Great Barrow, the deepest halls. This key will open the way to him.'


Naerandir has told you he knows the story of the Great Barrow, but that the reality of the place as it exists now must be masked beneath the splendour of legend, lest cautious fear grows into terror.


Objective 1
Defeat Sambrog
Sambrog is at the furthest end of the Great Barrow, in the deepest halls.

Naerandir has asked you to defeat the ancient wight-lord, Sambrog.

Objective 2
Talk to Naerandir

Naerandir is awaiting further word of your deeds outside of the Great Barrow.


See The Great Barrow map for Sambrog spawn point.

A Guide to the Great Barrow Downs