Chapter 3: Blackwolds Broken  

Prerequisite: Chapter 2: To a Constable's Aid
Series Name: Vol 1, Book 1: Stirrings in the Darkness
Leads To: Chapter 4: Dark Designs
Includes Quest: Instance: Blackwolds Broken
Start Zone: Bree-land
Start Area: Combe
Start Location: The Comb and Wattle Inn
Start Mob: Constable Underhill
Flags: Epic, Fellowship
Items Rewarded:Reputation Increased: 700 Men of Bree
Cash Granted: 1s 80c
Quest Level: 15
Min Level: 11
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Locations with maps: Bree-land
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    Constable Underhill
    Brigand Cave


'Well, I suppose you're right. I should make sure those Blackwolds aren't hiding in that cave of theirs again, mustering their strength. But I'll want some help!

'Will you travel with me to Skunkwood's old hideout? It's south of the guard-house at the north-east end of Staddle Pond, near Staddle Falls. If they are gathering there, I'll need help driving them out again! Maybe you should bring some friends, just in case.

'Yes, yes that's a good idea. You go gather some of your friends, and when you are ready, come back, and we'll all go together to the old hideout.'


At Strider's request, you have travelled to Combe to help Constable Underhill investigate if the Blackwold brigands are truly no longer a threat to the people of the Chetwood.


Objective 1

  • Speak to Constable Underhill

  • The Blackwolds' old hideout is found south of the Combe guard-house, near Staddle Falls at the north-east end of Staddle pond.

    Constable Underhill has decided that it is probably a good idea to take a look in the Blackwolds' old hideout, to make sure they aren't mustering there again. He has asked, however, that you accompany him. He's also suggested you gather a party, in case there are Blackwolds to be found there.

    'All right, I'm ready to go. Are you? Have you gathered your friends? If we're going into the Blackwold's old, hideout we should go in numbers, just in case.'

    *Instance occurs here

    Objective 2

  • Speak to Constable Underhill.
  • You infiltrated the Blackwolds' hideout and defeated several of them, at the request of Constable Underhill.

    'Good show! Good show indeed! You sure showed those Blackwold rascals what-for!'