Chapter 11: A Father's Final Cut  

Prerequisite: Chapter 10: The Broken Blade of Dunachar
Series Name: Vol. 1, Book 15: Daughter of Strife
Leads To: Book XV Chapter 12: One Hope Remains
Start Zone: Angmar
Start Area: Gath Forthnir
Start Location: Golodir's Quarters
Start Mob: Golodir
Flags: Epic
Items Needed:Cash Granted: 25s 20c
Quest Level: 51
Min Level: 50
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Locations with maps: Angmar
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    Gath Forthnir
    Burial Mound


Objective 1
Retriece the broken hilt of Dunachar

Lorniel's grave is on the northern slopes of Gorothlad, south of Nan Gurth in Anmgar.

Golodir has given the location of Dunachar and has given you permission to retrieve it.

Objective 2
Bring the blade to Golodir


The burial mound is at 4.2N 22.4W