Message to Taylor Green  

Prerequisite: Builder Earur
Leads To: Den of Wolves
Start Zone: Archet
Start Area: Archet
Start Mob: Builder Earur
Exp Granted: 345
Quest Level: 7
Min Level: 3
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Locations with maps: Bree-land | Archet
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    Builder Earur


'Supplies here in Archet are limited and will certainly not suffice to repair the damage wrought upon the village. Now that I have my tools, I will be able to begin shoring the fences and repairing the buildings where I can.

'Archet will need more lumber if it is to recover completely from this attack. If you find yourself in Combe, to the south, seek out Taylor Green and let him know that I will need another order of wood from the lumber yard.

'If you've not been there before, listen well. The Combe Lumber Yard can be found by following the road south. Pass through the gate toward Combe and follow the road east up the hill. It will bend softly to the north east towards the Chetwood. There, in a soft dip before the North Chetwood you should find Taylor Green.'


Earur wishes to aid the people of Archet and believes that there are enough supplies to begin the rebuilding process. To ensure that supplies do not dwindle too quickly he directed you to visit Taylor Green at the Combe Lumber Yard.


Objective 1
Talk to Taylor Green

Tell Taylor Green at the Lumber Mill in Combe that Builder Earur needs more wood in Archet.

Builder Earur mentioned that Archet would need more wood to completely rebuild. He asked you to visit the Combe Lumber Yard and tell Taylor Green that Archet needs more wood.

'Archet's woes did not escape us here in Combe, and it's good what Earur is doing, no doubt in that. But the evil of the Blackwold has spread and now rests in the same wood where we need to collect the wood for Archet.

'I will see that we do what we can, but as you can see, we've troubles of our own.'


166 XP @ level 12

The Combe Lumber Camp is NOT in Combe, it is a location ENE of Combe, SE of Archet in the Chetwood North.