Articles of Valour  

Prerequisite: The Boldest Road Is Discipline
Required Class: Champion
Start Zone: North Downs
Start Area: Meluinen
Start Location: Lin Giliath
Start Mob: Gwesgylliel
Flags: Class
Items Needed:Items Rewarded:Quest Level: 50
Min Level: 45
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Locations with maps: North Downs | North Downs
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The lineage of an item holds great power, and it is with this knowledge that I set before you a series of difficult tasks. The article I make for you will draw its strength from the tale of its making, and if it were easy, the resulting piece would suffer for it.

The following notes will provide guidance on the tasks I would have you complete, and the order in which I would have you return the items to me. It will take time for me to fashion this piece, and the sequence of your deeds is important.

*See Notes for the note details


Gwesgylliel is at Lin Giliath in Meluinen, in the North Downs. Gwesgylliel is waiting for you to return with the last set of components she needs for the equipment she will make for you.


Objective 1
Collect Raillug's frozen hide
Collect Sulfur-tinged Tarkrip-boots (0/10)

Gwesgylliel asked you to return with Raillug's frozen hide and ten sulfur-tinged Tarkrip-boots.

Objective 2
Bring Raillug's frozen hide & Sulfur-tinged Tarkrip-boots to Gwesgylliel

Objective 3
Collect Mottled Spider-mandibles (0/20)
Collect Bubbling Droplets (0/15)

Gwesgylliel asked you to return with twenty mottled spider-mandibles and fifteen bubbling droplets.

Objective 4
Bring Mottled Spider-mandibles & Bubbling Droplets to Gwesgylliel

Objective 5
Collect Blood-stained Tally-stick
Collect Insignia of Battle

Gwesgylliel asked you to return with a blood-stained tally-stick and an Insignia of Battle.

Objective 6
Bring Blood-stained Tally-stick & Insignia of Battle to Gwesgylliel

Return to Gwesgylliel


The Note Reads:.


Raillug is old beyond memory, an icy worm with a mind as cold and as sharp as it was when he was birthed. He prowls the snowy heights of the Misty Mountains, north and east of the source of the Bruinen, preying on any manner of creatures that mistake the slithering sound of his bulk on the ice for the shifting of snow in the drifts.

Raillug's hide will give to the piece of equipment I make for you an unparalleled toughness, acquired by a long life spent amid the winds and storms of the mountains.


Deep within the great swamp of Malenhad, in the land of Angmar, goblins of the Tarkrip keep watch for enemies of the Iron Crown. The vile fumes of that place coat their armour with an unnatural sheen.

Bring ten of their boots to me, for the coating can be purified and in that way cleansed of its evil. The residue will then give to the equipment I make for you resilience from breakage.

When you have triumphed over Raillug and have bested the goblins of Malenhad, bring their items to me before you continue.


Himbar is home to vicious spiders that rend their prey with sharp fangs before drinking its blood, but spiders of this sort have also been seen on the plains of Gorothlad, east of the great swamp of Malenhad.


I consulted once with my friend Deluros, a great scholar of Rivendell, about the origin of the brimstone-leeches that spawn within the great swamp of Malenhad. He told me only that he suspected some foul craft of Angmar in their creation, for leeches of such size and aggressiveness do not appear in any records with which he is familiar. I will use the bubbling droplets you collect from these unnatural creatures to test the resistance of the equipment I will make for you.

When you have acquired the mandibles and droplets I have described within these notes, return to me before you seek the final set of components.

The Orcs of the Ongburz carve notches into their swords to record the number of lives they end, but theirs is not the only system that is used by the servants of Angmar. Some champions among the Orcs are so fearsome that they have taken to notching not their swords, but wooden sticks. The boast was that no sword could contain enough notches to record the kills of Gra­shakrum, Kugharz, or Tarburz while still retaining its shape!

A good friend of mine, a minstrel by the name of Baillindiel, composed a song about the practice and hoped it would stir her listeners into action against the Orcs, but it had quite the opposite effect, sinking them deep into pools of despair and hopelessness. Baillindiel no longer sings that song.

When they are not on the field of battle, these three Orc-champions can be found within the Uruk-fortress of Urugarth.


The city of Urugarth is a great fortress-city, a fastness of the Uruks in Angmar and home to many of their greatest champions. The Uruks that reside within the city have been hardened by battle and tested by the fires of war -- it is no place to tread lightly.

Surmounting its challenges and wresting an Insignia of Battle from the Uruks of Urugarth will do much to dismay its defenders and will bring strength to the article I fashion for you. The Uruks Sorkrank or Burzfal act in concert in all things. One of them likely has an Insignia of Battle that would serve.

When you have obtained a blood-stained tally-stick and an Insignia of Battle, bring them to me, and I will finish the piece of equipment I am fashioning for you.