Book 14, Chapter 3: Shedding Light  

Prerequisite: Chapter 2: Laerdan's Trail
Series Name: Vol. 1, Book 14: The Ring-forges of Eregion
Leads To: Chapter 4: The Prisoner of Sammath Baul
Start Zone: Rivendell
Start Area: The Last Homely House
Start Location: Esteldin Library
Start Mob: Elrond
Flags: Epic
Cash Granted: 24s 85c
Quest Level: 50
Min Level: 46
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Locations with maps: Rivendell
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    Laerdan's Chamber
    The Last Homely House


Objective 1
Search Laerdan's room

Objective 2
Search Laerdan's room

Objective 3
Search Laerdan's room

Objective 4
Examine Laerdan's journal