Seeking Answers  

Prerequisite: Twisted Forest
Series Name: Evendim
Leads To: The Twisted Heart
Start Zone: Evendim
Start Area: Northern Emyn Uial
Start Location: The Eavespires
Start Mob: Lithuifin
Flags: Fellowship
Items Needed:Items Rewarded:Reputation Increased: 900 The Wardens of Annuminas
Cash Granted: 21s
Exp Granted: 3160
Quest Level: 37
Min Level: 32
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Locations with maps: Evendim
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    Barksin Wood-troll
    Rotting Pine-lord
    Rotting Wood-troll
    The Twisted Grove
    Rotten Limb


'We must learn more about the power which has corrupted the Twisted Grove and now seeps into the surrounding forest. It is dark and evil, but we know nothing of its source.

'Head to the Twisted Grove and gather any sickened or dead plants you may find. From them, I may be able to determine what it is that we truly face.'


Longbough believes that some evil power may be twisting the wood to dark ends.


Objective 1
Collect rotted limbs (0/6)

The Twisted Grove lies south-west of the Eavespires.

Lithuifin has asked you to seek evidence of the power which has corrupted the Twisted Grove. He asked you to collect rotted limbs and bring them to him.

Objective 2
Bring the rotted limbs to Lithuifin

Lithuifin is at the Eavespires, on the north-west shore of Lake Evendim.

You should bring the rotted limbs you have collected to Lithuifin.


Rotten Limbs LOCs:
10.7S, 75.0W
10.7S, 75.6W
10.9S, 75.0W
10.9S, 75.1W
10.9S, 74.7W
11.0S, 74.6W
11.0S, 74.5W
10.7S, 74.7W

The Rotten Limbs respawn, so you can use the same spot over and over again.