Cold as Death  

Prerequisite: Exiles of Winter
Start Zone: Forochel
Start Area: Lansi-ma
Start Mob: Nicca
Flags: Small Fellowship
Items Rewarded:Reputation Increased: 900 Lossoth of Forochel
Cash Granted: 39s 79c
Quest Level: 50
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Locations with maps: Forochel
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    Frost-rimed Brazier


Objective 1
Summon and defeat Delucheleg
You have to have at least 3 players in your group, all three must click on the three Frost-rimed Braziers in Kibilzahar at the same time in order to summon Delucheleg. He will spawn at the top where the Ice Plague-wind stands.

Objective 2
Talk to Arre in Kuru-leiri