Instance: (Fellowship) The Red-Pass  

Series Name: Vol. 1, Book 2: The Red Maid
Included in Quest: Book II: Chapter 15: (Fellowship) The Red-Pass
Start Zone: Lone-Lands
Start Area: Agamaur
Start Mob: Radagast
Flags: Epic, Fellowship
Quest Level: 30
Min Level: 26
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Locations with maps: Lone-Lands
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    Defender of Ost Guruth
    Elsa the Bold
    Eriac the Strong
    Grim Wight
    Ivar the Blood-hand
    Twisted Blood-maple
    Vile Bog-prowler
    Warped Blood-oak
    Barad Dhorn


"The Gaunt-lord Ivar spreads corruption through Agamaur, the Red Swamp, raising a host of evil to do the bidding of Angmar...."


Objective 1
Talk to Radagast

Objective 2
Aid Radagast
Radagast will start walking through the ruins of Agamaur to Barad Dhorn, during this trip he will pick up 4 animals, a:

He will heal you of either power or morale every so often, he will not fight for you, but he will summon 2 level 29 Ravens to fight for him. Do not worry about protecting Radagast, he is level 50 and has 22,142 morale, or the animals , none of them can be attacked. Be ready for a long series of fights.

During this trip you will be attacked by:
Creeping Red-root
Grasping Hand
Twisted Blood-maple
Vile Bog-prowler
Vile Wight
Warped Blood-oak
Wretched Wight
They will be in groups of 3 to 5, in such groups, it'll will be:
2 normals & 1 elite
1 normal & 2 elites
3 elites
1 master elite (named tree - Dour-root) & 2 normals
3 elites & 2 normals

Objective 3
Talk to Dannasen

Objective 4
Defeat Neven
You will now fight 2 Twisted Blood-maples, and then go to fight Neven flanked by 2 Vile Wights, and Neven will summon 2 Wretched Wights, so you will have to fight 5 elites at once here.

Objective 5
Speak to Dannasen

Objective 6
Follow the Shades deeper into Agamaur
Follow them in, this time Dannasen and some Warrior-shades & Fallen Red-soldiers join in, none of them can be attacked, Radagast will also go along, there will be mobs in this part, that only the Warrior-shades and Fallen Red-soldiers will be fighting, you will not be able to fight their targets, as before you will be fighting combos from earlier, only now the mobs have been changed to:
Creeping Red-root
Grasping Hand
Grim Wight
Vile Wight
Wretched Wight

Objective 7
Follow the Radagast deeper into Agamaur
This is a continuation of Objective 6

Objective 8
Talk to Elsa the Bold

Objective 9
Speak to Radagast

Objective 10
Aid Radagast
Now you will fight 2 groups of 3 Fearsome Muck-water, once the first group is defeated, the second group will appear in the exact same place.

At this point Ivar will threaten to kill you all, and Radagast will run him off. There is No fighting with the Elite Master, Ivar the Blood-hand.

Objective 11
Speak to Radagast

And now your done. gratz...