Instance: Skorgrim's Tomb  

Prerequisite: Intro: Skorgrim's Tomb
Series Name: Ered Luin Introduction
Start Zone: Thorin's Gate (pre-instance)
Start Area: Frerin's Court (pre-instance)
Start Mob: Dwalin (Introduction)
Flags: Epic
Quest Level: 5
Min Level: 1
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Locations with maps: Ered Luin | Thorin's Gate (pre-instance)
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    Corrupted Spirit
    Cursed Mountain-wight
    Dourhand Axe-man
    Dourhand Chief
    Dwalin (Introduction)
    Elladan (Thorin's Gate)
    Elrohir (Mirkstone)
    Gormr Doursmith
    Mean Dourhand
    Nos Grimsong (Frerin's Court)


'Are you ready to leave these halls, friend? I, for one, will be glad to put them behind me!'


With the aid of a mysterious red-robed man named Marrec, the Dourhand dwarves hope to restore their long-dead leader, Skorgrím, to life. Alongside Dwalin, you have travelled to the tomb delved by the Dourhands for Skorgrím to put an end to their plans.


Objective 1

Defend Dwalin as make your way into into Skorgrím's tomb.

Objective 2

There is a fire. Dwalin tells you to put out the fire. Dwalin indicated that water might be found in a tub to the south of the flames.

Objective 3

Defend Dwalin as you continue on deeper into Skorgrím's tomb.

Objective 4

Continue to defend Dwalin as you near your goal: the place where the ceremony to restore Skorgrím is being held!

Objective 5

Free Elrohir from his bonds.

Arriving too late to stop the ceremony, Ivar led the restored Skorgrím away, tasking Marrec with slaying you. Fortunately, with your help, Dwalin was able to defeat Marrec.

Objective 6

Elrohir told you that he did not think Ivar and Skorgrím would be a threat to Ered Luin for at least a little while.


When fighting Marrec, if both mobs are on Dwalin, he dies quickly. Make sure you keep one mob targeted at you.

You do not get the rewards for completing the instance, you must finish the Intro quest.