Thorkell has Fallen  

Start Zone: Misty Mountains
Start Area: Hrimbarg
Start Location: Thorgest's Haven
Start Mob: Thorgest
Started By Object:Items Needed:Cash Granted: 38s 64c
Quest Level: 48
Min Level: 41
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Locations with maps: Misty Mountains
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    Northern High Pass


Objective 1
Collect Thorkell's Axe
Collect Thorkell's Helm

Return Thorkell's belongings to Thorgest

The worm caves are to the south-east of Thorgest's dwelling.

Thorgest has asked you to find and return Thorkell's belongings.

Helm: Location: 26.3S, 8.8E
Axe: Location: 26.4S, 9.2E