The Cauldron of Death  

Prerequisite: Purification of Death
Series Name: Cauldron of Death
Leads To: Raid: The Master of Imlad Balchorth
Start Zone: Angmar
Start Area: Imlad Balchorth
Start Location: Myrkworth
Start Mob: Oflar
Flags: Fellowship
Items Rewarded:Reputation Increased: 700 Council of the North
Cash Granted: 30s 20c
Quest Level: 49
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Locations with maps: Angmar | Angmar
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    Ironbound Giant


'I have asked you to go into danger enough ere now. But I think I must ask you to brave still a greater peril. Indeed, I think this is too much to ask of any one adventurer, no matter how doughty, so I would ask you to gather allies to your side.

'This Cauldron of Death...I have heard stories of it told by the Hillmen of the west. It is said that a corpse may be bathed therein, and a wight emerges. It must be a sort of engine of death, the place from which all these dread wights emerge to plague the land.

'I am sure that you will find many defenders on that dark isle at the heart of Imlad Balchorth. Fight your way through the evil throng, find the Cauldron, and slay whatever monstrosity you find guarding the Cauldron.'


Oflar believes the Cauldron of Death is located on an island in the central lake of Imlad Balchorth.


Objective 1
Find the Cauldron of Death
Defeat the Cauldron's guardian

Fell Spirits may be found in Imlad Balchorth, west of Myrkworth.

The Cauldron of Death and its guardian are before the central lake of Imlad Balchorth, west of Myrkworth.

Oflar has asked you to fight your way to the Cauldron of Death and destroy its guardian. He suggested you gather allies.


Do not go into the pool of water here.