Fresh Steed for Michel Delving  

Prerequisite: Fresh Steed for Bree
Leads To: Fresh Steed for Othrikar
Start Zone: Bree-land
Start Area: The Horsefields
Start Location: Hengstacer Farm
Start Mob: Eogar, son of Hadorgar
Quest Time: 20m
Cash Granted: 19s 60c
Exp Granted: 1772
Quest Level: 35
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Locations with maps: Bree-town | Bree-land
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    Eogar, son of Hadorgar
    The Horsefields


'You did a fine job with that steed. It looks like the horse trusted you well enough. You also made it back more quickly than I expected. Men in my country...they would not believe a Elf such as yourself could have done it so quickly!

'Now that you have proven that you can handle a steed I have another task for will teach you endurance and holding your mount to its course. There is a stable-master in the land of the holbytla away to the west -- Michel Delving I believe they call it. The stable-master there is in need of a fresh Chestnut steed as well. Bring him his horse, and you will prove that you can hold to your saddle on a long journey!

'Hurry now! You have a long ride ahead of you. When you return, we shall see about continuing your training.'


Éogar, the owner of Hengstacer, has asked for your help delivering a fresh steed to Michel Delving.


Objective 1

  • Take a fresh Chestnut steed to the stable-master in Michel Delving
  • The stable-master can be found in Michel Delving in the Shire, far to the west of Bree.

    Éogar has asked that you ride a fresh steed out to the stable-master in Michel Delving.

    Objective 2
  • Talk to Eogar, son of Hadorgar
  • Éogar, son of Hadorgar, is located at Hengstacer, north of Bree, far to the east of the Shire.

    You should return to Éogar and inform him that you delivered the horse to the Michel Delving stable-master.