Wilderness by Ost Guruth  

Required Class: Hunter
Start Zone: Middle-earth
Start Area: Global
Start Mob: Hunter Trainer
Start NPC Type: Hunter Trainer
Flags: Class
Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 5s 20c
Exp Granted: 1073
Quest Level: 26
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Locations with maps: Lone-Lands | Middle-earth
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You have been encouraged to learn the wilds around Ost Guruth in the Lone-lands, so that you may better your way there in all seasons.


Objective 1
Talk to Trumswith

Trumswith is at Ost Guruth, the Ruin-hold in the Lone-lands, far to the east of the Forsaken Inn, just north of the Great East Road.

You have been told to speak with Trumswith, one of the Eglain at Ost Guruth, who can train you in the ways of the wild.

Objective 2
Talk to Hogahild

Hogahild left Ost Guruth near Unni, the dwarf stable-master there, but is now soemwhere in the wilderness of the Lone-lands.

Trumswith has challenged you to follow the trail his sister Hogahild. If you can return to him with the name of the only beast he has hunted and spared, information known to Hogahild, he will teach you secret paths through the Lone-lands to Ost Guruth.

Objective 3
Talk to Trumswith

Trumswith is at Ost Guruth, the Ruin-hold in the Lone-lands.

You have followed her trail to Hogahild, the sister of Trumswith, and she told you the name of the beast her brother has hunted and spared: the aurochs known as Trampletusk. You should return now to Trumswith with this information and he will teach you what he knows about the wild paths of the Lone-lands.


Speak with Unni, then go east, you will find Subtle Tracks click on them, they are at LOC: 32.2S, 29.1W.

Now go north-east to the second set of Subtle Tracks at LOC: 31.9S, 28.7W.

Contine going north-east to the third set of Subtle Tracks at LOC: 31.1S, 28.7W.

Now go East to the fourth set of Subtle Tracks at LOC: 31.0S, 28.1W.

Now go North-east to Hogahild herself at LOC: 30.5.7S, 27.6W and speak to her.