There's No Place Like Home (The Shire)  

Prerequisite: Homesteads of Eriador (The Shire)
Start Zone: The Shire
Start Area: Southfarthing Gate
Start Location: The Delving Fields
Start Mob: Andy Brockhouse
Items Rewarded:Exp Granted: 697
Quest Level: 15
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Locations with maps: Shire Homesteads | The Shire
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    Andy Brockhouse
    Southfarthing Gate


You have joined the community in the Michel Delving homestead.


Objective 1

Rolf Bracegirdle is in the market square in the Michel Delving homestead.

Andy Brochhouse has asked you to speak with Rolf Bracegirdle, a decorator who might be able to help you furnish your home.