Free Peoples at Tol Ascarnen  

Start Zone: Ettenmoors
Start Area: Gramsfoot
Start Mob: Taskmaster Sharkulob
Flags: Monster, Repeatable
Quest Level: 50
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Locations with maps: Ettenmoors | Ettenmoors
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    Tol Ascarnen


'Trolls fight. You die to fast. We strong where you weak.

'War-tyrant angry you lose Tol Ascarnen.

'You go to troll-home now. Troll come here and fight. We win war. Take all. I send troll home when done.'


The trolls of Angmar have a singular vision, one that involves destroying the enimes of Angmar.


Objective 1

Taskmaster Sharkulob is at Gramsfoot in the Ettenmoors.

The trolls in Angmar, in an effort to speed the victory of Angmar's army, are willing to come to the Ettenmoors to fight the Free Peoples in exchange for your services in the North. You should speak with Taskmaster Sharkulob .


Talk to Taskmaster Sharkulob at Gramsfoot
You must not control Tol Ascarnen

Troll Crusher lvl 50
Morale: 36,904
Power: 853