Bone Amulets -- Introduction  

Prerequisite: The Council of the North
Leads To: Bone Amulets
Start Zone: Angmar
Start Area: Gath Forthnir
Start Mob: Annabla
Items Needed:Reputation Increased: 700 Council of the North
Cash Granted: 23s 10c
Exp Granted: 4042
Quest Level: 45
Min Level: 43
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Locations with maps: Angmar | Angmar
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    Ironbound Giant
    Gath Forthnir


Annabla told you of the terrible wights and evil Men which dwell within Imlad Balchorth.


Objective 1
Collect Bone Amulets (0/10)

Objective 2
Bring Bone Amulets to Annabla at Gath Fortnir.


Bring bone amulets to Annabla at Gath Forthnir
Imlad Balchorth is west and south of Gath Forthnir.