Tomb-raider's Sashes  

Prerequisite: Tomb-raider's Sashes -- Introduction
Start Zone: Evendim
Start Area: Tinnudir
Start Mob: Cannuion
Flags: Repeatable
Items Needed:Reputation Increased: 300 The Wardens of Annuminas
Quest Level: 35
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Locations with maps: Evendim
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    Boss Tomb-robber
    Deadly Tomb-robber
    Desperate Tomb-robber
    Fugitive Tomb-robber
    Hardened Tomb-robber
    Master Tomb-robber
    Scouting Tomb-robber
    Scruffy Tomb-robber
    Tomb-robber Ambusher
    Tomb-robber Captain
    Veteran Tomb-robber
    Wary Tomb-robber


Cannuion told you of the terrible threat the Angmarim and tomb-raiders pose to the Rangers of Evendim.


Bring tomb-raider's sashes to Cannuion at Tinnundir (0/10)