Instance: The Tomb of Elendil  

Series Name: The Blade That Was Broken
Included in Quest: The Tomb of Elendil
Start Zone: Evendim
Start Area: Elendil's Tomb
Start Mob: Calenglad
Flags: Fellowship
Quest Level: 40
Min Level: 35
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Locations with maps: Evendim
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The Tomb of Elendil
"Respect, the one thing Gwindeth desired most, has earned passage into the tomb of Elendil, the resting place of the last Silithar. But with the lowering of the floods, robbers and thieves have taken the opportunity to plunder the tomb...."

You have journeyed into the Tomb of Elendil in search of the Silithar needed to reforge Narsil.


Objective 1
Defeat Idella Crypt-breaker

Objective 2
Talk to Gwindeth

Objective 3
Find Silithar

Objective 4
Talk to Gwindeth


Expect some tough Mobs near the end (kerchims, elite masters).

Once Idella is dead the Blue Lady will tell you that the stone you are to find has been washed down into the tunnels below. After a short tunnel with more kerchims you get to a sleeping turtle and a mean troll.

Once you kill the troll till approx 30pct he will go scripted and start waking the turtle. After that we killed the troll. Then the script for us was buggy which ended in a GM waking the turtle (nemesis). The turtle has a knockback and spawns approx 10 mini turtles which swarms you. Once the turtle “Nornalog” is dead the blue lady reappears and you are finished