Ancient Statuary  

Prerequisite: Ran Afoul of the Bears
Series Name: The Blade That Was Broken
Leads To: A Howling in the Hills
Start Zone: Evendim
Start Area: Tyrn Fornech
Start Location: Ost Forod
Start Mob: Robin Dunkley
Items Needed:Items Rewarded:Reputation Increased: 700 The Wardens of Annuminas
Cash Granted: 19s 95c
Exp Granted: 2995
Quest Level: 36
Min Level: 31
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Locations with maps: Evendim
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    Boss Tomb-robber
    Cunning Tomb-robber
    Elusive Tomb-robber
    Percy Alroyd
    Robin Dunkley
    Scouting Tomb-robber
    Succcessful Tomb-robber
    Tomb-robber Captain
    Veteran Tomb-robber
    Tyrn Fornech
    Large Statue Piece


'I expect that the robbers that prowl Tyrn Fornech are carrying more pieces of this broken statue, Name. If you can recover more of these fragments, I might be able to reassemble it. Wouldn't that be something? I expect Calenglad and the rest of the Rangers would be so pleased!

'Look for robbers among the hills of Tyrn Fornech and take statue pieces from them, (your name). You'll most likely find only small pieces on these robbers, but one or two might carry larger pieces. The villains have also established a camp of sorts to the west, on the island of Rantost in the lake; you might find larger pieces of the statue there.

'Return to me with any statue pieces you can recover, and I'll see if I can remake it.'


Robin Dunkley, encouraged by your retrieval of the broken statuary carried by the ill-fated robbers that ran afoul of bears at Nan Orngon, has charged you with recovering more of its pieces.


Objective 1
Collect Small Statue Pieces (0/12)
Collect Large Statue Pieces (0/4)

Tomb-robbers in Tyrn Fornech may be carrying small statue pieces, and larger pieces can likely be found in their camp on Rantost, the island west of Ost Forod.

Robin Dunkley has been inspired by the broken statuary you recovered with the dream of remaking the complete statue and wants you to recover the pieces of it.

Objective 2
Bring statue pieces to Robin Dunkley

Robin Dunkley is at Ost Forod, east of Rantost, in Tyrn Fornech in Evendim.

You have recovered many pieces of statuary, and now you should bring them to Robin Dunkley to see if they belong to the statue he seeks to repair.


The Small Statue Pieces are drop updates from Tomb-Robbers throughout Tyrn Fornech (north of Ost Forod). The drop is uncommon but not too bad.

The Large Statue Pieces are both a ground-spawn object and a drop from named mobs within the ruins on the isle of Rantost. You must move into the ruins to find them.