One More Marker  

Prerequisite: Surely Almost There
Series Name: The Treasure Hunt
Leads To: Beyond the Gloaming Falls
Start Zone: Evendim
Start Area: Tyrn Fornech
Start Location: Tham Habad
Started By Object:Items Rewarded:Exp Granted: 3728
Quest Level: 38
Min Level: 32
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Locations with maps: Evendim
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    Hardened Tomb-robber
    Master Tomb-robber
    Sullen Treasure-hunter
    Treasure-hunter Captain
    Tyrn Fornech
    Stone Marker


The inscription on this stone marker is barely legible, but these words can just be made out:

"On the western shore of mighty Lake Nenuial,
Stone paths run to the water from a flat clearing."

This new riddle may reveal the true location of the treasure.


The Ranger Culang has learned of a great treasure buried long ago by a Dúnadan-landholder and wants it recovered before it is found by tomb-robbers.


Objective 1
Find the solution to the riddle

Objective 2

You have found the stone marker [9.4S, 73.0W]


The First Marker can be found at 10.8S, 64.8W. Head back over the bridge to the crossroads

The Second Marker is at the outskirts of Ost Forod coords 6.9S, 63.8W in an area of square stone walls in the north east part of Ost Forod. The quickest way is from within Ost Forod. Head east out of Ost Forod past the Unfriendly Man, follow the path north a short distance.

The Third Marker is located at 5.9S, 69.2W. on the mainland shore north west of Tham Habad

Fourth is on western shore of lake. You have to help the treasure hunters, not hard to find, but you may want a little help. 9.4S, 73.0W

Fifth is north in the Gaudaran camps. Follow the paths north from The Eavespires (the camp with Longbough). You will want help or good healing draughts for it. [4.9S, 73.8W]