Raid: Keep Them from Hatching  

Prerequisite: The Worm-Hunter's Lament
Series Name: Helegrod
Start Zone: North Downs
Start Area: Othrikar
Start Mob: Ormulf Worm-hunter
Flags: Raid
Items Needed:Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 49s 70c
Quest Level: 50
Min Level: 45
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Locations with maps: Misty Mountains | North Downs
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    Ormulf Worm-hunter


Defeat the Ice hatchling (0/90)


Ormulf Worm-hunter in Orthrikar has had much experience fighting worms and drakes and feeels that Helegrod is the perfect spawning ground for the creatures.


Defeat 90 Ice hatchlings at Helegrod inside Bavor Wyrm-brand's Tomb.


You are also rewarded with the title of:

Hatchery Raider