Chapter 2: Against His Lord  

Prerequisite: Book VI: Chapter 1: Of Golodir and Angmar
Series Name: Vol. 1, Book 6: Fires in the North
Leads To: Chapter 3: Secrets of the Stones
Start Zone: North Downs
Start Area: Esteldin
Start Mob: Daervunn
Flags: Epic
Cash Granted: 23s 10c
Exp Granted: 2441
Quest Level: 45
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Locations with maps: Angmar | North Downs
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'Perhaps I should start from the beginning. Many years ago, one of our captains -- a man by the name of Golodir -- desired to enter the realm of Angmar, for he had heard rumour that the descendants of the ancient Hillmen of Rhudaur had made for themselves a home there and began again to multiply. He suspected also that a shadow had come again unto Carn Dûm, for fell creatures began to spread southward into the North Downs.

'Aragorn forbade any to go there, for that land still had an ill-name, though it has been barren for hundreds of years. Nevertheless, Golodir gathered those who would go with him and passed out of our memory -- until a few weeks ago. A wounded falcon arrived, bearing a message from Corunir, one of Golodir's company, stating that he has been dwelling at a place called Aughaire, a village of the Hillmen somewhere north of Ram Dúath.

'Will you go there and speak with Corunir? The urgency of his message makes me fear what has come to pass. I deem we have not yet seen the darkest times.'


Daervunn told you of how a wounded falcon arrived, bearing a message from Corunir, a Ranger from the company of Golodir, who defied Aragorn's commands and passed into Angmar, believing that a shadow had come again unto Carn Dûm.


Objective 1
Talk to Corunir

Corunir is at Aughaire, a Hillman-village in Angmar, somewhere north of Ram Dúath.

Daervunn besought you to pass north through Ram Dúath and seek out the Ranger Corunir, who dwells now among the Hillmen of Angmar.


NOTE: The minimum level of this quest was changed from 38 to 40.