Chapter 7: Evil Tidings  

Prerequisite: Chapter 6: In the Steps of Evil
Series Name: Vol. 1, Book 5: The Last Refuge
Leads To: Chapter 8: Fire and Ice
Start Zone: Misty Mountains
Start Area: Gloin's Camp
Start Mob: Gloin
Flags: Epic
Reputation Increased: 500 Thorin's Hall
Cash Granted: 22s 40c
Quest Level: 43
Min Level: 38
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Locations with maps: Misty Mountains
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    Gloin's Camp


'I am a master of earth, stone and axe, (your name), not of these fell wights and evil artifacts. Go to Master Elrond in Rivendell and tell him all of what has transpired. He will be able to tell you what should be done next.'


Troubled by the wights you discovered at the entrance to Helegrod's treasury and the sigil you found on one of the wight's bodies, Glóin suggested it was time to speak with Master Elrond.