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Prerequisite: Unpaid Debts
Start Zone: Bree-land
Start Area: Combe
Start Mob: Constable Sageford
Cash Granted: 90c
Quest Level: 8
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Locations with maps: Bree-land
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    Constable Sageford
    Marshwater Fort


'I was talking to one of the other constables shortly before you returned, and it seems that he learned that some of the Blackwolds had been encamped in some ruins out in the Midgewater Marshes. It seems they couldn't handle the spiders that have overrun the ruins and fled.

'It could be they left another strongbox behind when they escaped. The particular ruins where they had encamped are near the centre of the Marshes out south-east of Combe.

'With any luck, you might find a strongbox that's not locked. It's worth trying, anyway. There are so many people who need money to rebuild, and who better to take it from than the ones that stole it in the first place?'


Constable Sageford has learned that a Blackwold camp in the northern stretch of the Midgewater Marshes was recently abandoned to the spiders there. He believes they may have left a strongbox behind.


Objective 1
Collect the Blackwold-strongbox

The spider-infested ruins lie near the centre of the Midgewater Marshes, south-east of Combe.

Constable Sageford has asked you to search the spider-infested ruins in the Midgewater Marshes for another strongbox the Blackwolds may have left there.

Objective 2

Constable Sageford can be found near Combe town centre.

Sageford sent you to the spider-infested ruins in the Midgewater Marshes where the Blackwold brigands recently encamped to find another strongbox. You should return to Sageford with the news of your success.


Strongbox: 31.1S 44.8W