A Snarling Threat  

Start Zone: Trollshaws
Start Area: Bruinen Gorges
Start Location: Thorenhad
Start Mob: Fimgris
Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 20s 30c
Quest Level: 37
Min Level: 31
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Locations with maps: Trollshaws
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    Elder Moor-stalker
    Moor-stalker Scavenger
    Silent Moor-stalker
    Spooked Moor-stalker
    Bruinen Gorges


'There have been worrisome signs for the past few months that something has not been right in the Trollshaws, but wherever I search I am unable to find the cause. And once more I have found what seems to be a symptom rather than a cure: the wolves that prowl the Bruinen Gorges have been greatly disturbed, but by what I cannot determine.

'It is true that servants of the Enemy pursued a small company along the road not more than two months ago, but the wolves have become more unruly in recent days, and I cannot determine the reason.

'Travel south-east into the Bruinen Gorges and seek out the wolf den in the south-western valley. Defeat as many wolves as you can and put an end to their pack-leader. It may be that you will find some clue I have missed in the deep reaches of the valley.'


The Elf Fimgris has noticed the wolves of the Bruinen Gorges have been acting queer and wonders what could have put such rage and fear into their eyes.


Objective 1
Defeat wolves in Drauglad (0/12)
Defeat the Spooked Moor-stalker
Explore the deep reaches of Drauglad


Drauglad is located south of the road that runs through the Bruinen Gorges. The entrance is located at 35.1S, 13.6W.