The Troll-keeper  

Prerequisite: The Stolen Ornament
Start Zone: North Downs
Start Area: Meluinen
Start Location: Lin Giliath
Start Mob: Thaliollang
Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 18s 90c
Quest Level: 33
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Locations with maps: North Downs
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'Lachenn left us a message, (your name). He tried to write the name "Angmar" on his ornament even as he lay broken and dying at the hands of Gurmagath. That explains Lagorlam's tale of strange North-men lingering near the caves of Taur Gonwaith. He would have assayed these strangers further but his fury was on him and his thoughts were of fair Lachenn and the trolls that did him harm. It is clear some dark evil out of Angmar has come to Meluinen and stirred the Stone-trolls!

'Return to Taur Gonwaith and seek out the caves on its southern edge, near the lake beyond Merenost. Lachenn's last hope was for us to heed his message, and stop this pawn of Angmar before the Stone-trolls do even more damage.

'Baranwen, particular among us, was disturbed by Lagorlam's news. Speak with her before you travel to the cave. Lin Giliath will not be safe until you have put an end to Angmar's influence over the Stone-trolls of Taur Gonwaith!'


Thaliollang believes that Lachenn had tried to write "Angmar" on the back of his ornament and takes it as a sign that it is an emissary of Angmar that had stirred the Stone-trolls.


Objective 1
Defeat the Favargair Troll-keeper