Objects by Type: Point of Interest

Bag End Cellar DoorPoint of Interest   The Shire The Party Tree 
Bucklebury FerryPoint of Interest   The Shire The Marish 
Door (Chamber of Wheels)Point of Interest   The Water-Works The Water-works 
StablesPoint of Interest   Angmar, Bree-land, Bree-town, Ered Luin, Ettenmoors, Evendim, Lone-Lands, Misty Mountains, North Downs, Rivendell, The Shire, Thorin's Gate, Trollshaws Brockenborings, Buckland, Combe, Hobbiton-Bywater, Michel Delving, Needlehole, Oatbarton, Ost Forod, Stock, Thorenhad, Weapons and Armour Shop (west) 
Sunken StonesPoint of Interest   Bree-land Midgewater Marshes 
The Shade PoolPoint of Interest   Bree-land Old Forest