Orc Filth  

Type: Quest
Involved in Quests:Location: 14.1S, 72.8W
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Locations with maps: Lothlorien
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    Orc Filth
"Orcs leave mud, bloood, and grime in their wake; their passage mars the land with filth."
Orc Filth Locs:
14.2S, 72.8W
14.1S, 72.8W
14.1S, 72.7W
14.3S, 72.7W
14.5S, 72.7W
14.6S, 72.8W
15.1S, 72.6W
15.1S, 72.7W
15.0S, 73.1W
15.0S, 73.2W